Model development


Agent-Based Modelling
  • Extend the decision maker’s toolbox.
  • Data-driven model as decision support tool.
  • Explore the space of possibilities by scenarios.
  • Take full account of agent¬†heterogeneity and¬†decentralized interactions.
  • Construct the network of interactions.
  • Generate aggregate outcomes from agent interactions.

Technologies used

Software development toolkits:

Development tools:
Sublime, IntelliJ


numpy, scipy

Benefits of model development with us

Multiple platforms

We use multiple platforms for model development. Main development is done on Linux and testing on Windows and Mac is done after it all checks out! Simulation platforms used are FLAME for HPC applications, whereas Simudyne SDK is used for development of simulation models that should be run on the cloud.


We have over 15 years of expertise in building models, for both academia and policy-making. In addition, we can rely on a large group of international collaborators and we have many contacts through our participation in multiple research projects.


Besides developing models for customers, we also are part of a network of developers that strive to advance the development of core agent-based modelling technologies. We are on the development board of FLAME, which is a main simulation technology for large-scale agent-based simulation models.

Fast & effective development

Using Agile modelling and project management methods, we are able to quickly give you feedback on your new modelling ideas. By using short iterations, we are able to provide you with fast and reliable answers that will help us get from the model development phase to the running of simulations and visualizations in a smooth way.

Qualified team

We have a team of highly motivated, highly qualified model developers with different backgrounds. They will assist you in your modelling efforts from start to finish, providing you with valuable insights along the way.

Get in touch to start the modelling process!